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Dgraph Installation Tarball Method

Dgraph is a native GraphQL database with a graph backend. The official tutorial shows the docker installation method. Here is the instruction to install Dgraph via the tarball method.

Published: 2021-03-30 | Updated: 2021-04-02


Going through GeoDjango tutorial, I noticed that there are some unclear instructions. So I created a Github repo for that.

Published: 2020-05-31 | Updated: 2021-04-02

Asia Pacific Startups Analysis

In this project, I scraped and analyzed Asia Pacific startups. I am interested to identify startups distribution in APAC and outliers.

Published: 2019-06-09 | Updated: 2021-04-02

Ruby on Rails in AWS Elastic Beanstalk

In this project, I deployed my rails webapp to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, it contains my solutions to the problems I encountered.

Published: 2019-04-30 | Updated: 2021-04-02

Game of Thrones Relationships

In this project, I used Django framework to design a database model, storing the relationships between GoT characters.

Published: 2019-04-07 | Updated: 2021-04-02

Rails VS Django VS Express

In this project, I compared the top 3 popular web application frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Django and Express.

Published: 2018-12-08 | Updated: 2021-04-02

Bitcoin VS Ethereum Analysis

In this project, I scraped and analysed Bitcoin and Ethereum price history using time series analysis techniques.

Published: 2018-01-01 | Updated: 2021-04-02

Y Combinator Startups Analysis

In this project, I scraped and analysed 1317 Y Combinator Startups and share my insights.

Published: 2017-10-24 | Updated: 2021-04-02

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